Joshua S. Nunziato, PhD

 Craftsman. Contemplative. Consultant.



I have a
PhD in Philosophy
from Villanova.


I wrote a
book on ancient wisdom
for business today.


I gather
people who want their
values to work.


I challenge
leaders to do business
with love.


I’m a big-picture thinker with a business heart. I strive to express what matters to me most in my everyday work. My everyday work just happens to be partnering with others to help them express what matters to them most through their everyday work.

Several years ago, I helped teach a capstone course to business students on the ‘Philosophy of Exchange.’ Most of the students were preparing to enter the workplace. And they found themselves in a bind. The exchanges that gave their lives significance depended upon an economy that couldn’t acknowledge their value. That is a familiar problem. But it hit them—and me—with particular urgency. And it brought home the need to rethink how and why we do business.

Subsequently, I led a cross-disciplinary team to design a sequel course on the philosophy of the social enterprise. For my doctorate, I researched sacred economy in ancient and contemporary thought. My work focused especially on Augustine. He was the first person to think about what it means to be secular. But, unlike much of our culture, Augustine saw secular business as open to the sacred. My research has turned into a book. (It’s mostly for intellectuals.) But this website makes some of those insights readily available to anyone.

My aim is to promote a business conversation. In the real world. About the real world. Hard-headed and open-hearted. With people who are rethinking how we provide the stuff of life to one another.

There are lots of executive coaches out there. Like all coaches, their purpose is helping people to win. While I don’t have anything against winning, my goal is different. Think of me as an executive doula: I assist people in giving birth. I’m a thought-partner who helps leaders bring their deepest self-understanding, their highest values, and their broadest spiritual aspirations into the world of their work.

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